I am a first time homebuyer and I don't know what I am supposed to do. Where do I start?

Well, you instinctively started correctly. I can answer a lot of your questions and guide you through the entire process. The first step we do is get you in touch with a very good lender with the ability to do multiple loan programs. There is a perfect fit of financing for every buyer, and it is the job of the lender to make sure you are getting the best program and the best rate at the least fees.  And it is my job to make sure you are in contact with good, honest and productive loan officers.

I’ve searched on Zillow and found this home but it isn't giving me much info, why not?

Zillow has improved greatly in their accuracy of information, but they aren't 100%. Some of the homes that are still on their site have already sold, or are not on the market yet but look like they might be. So the best way to search is on my website:  lauriecannon.net and enter your criteria.  That will give you the most up to the minute info on all active listings in our MLS.

I see "Coming Soon" signs on houses in their yards, but I can't find them in the MLS. Why not?

That category is a relatively new category, and it is only seen in the MLS by Realtors.  It is so they can tell their clients that these "coming soon" listings will be available and when they are anticipated to hit the live market. So it makes it all the more important that I know what you want!  This way when I see that hit the "Hot sheet", I can send it to you and your are ahead of the game.  No more new listings selling before you can get in them!

How has the raise in the interest rates changed the market?

Well, we have seen some Buyers have to look in a lower price range if they are very monthly payment driven.  Of course, a higher interest rate will make a difference in that and some Buyers; although qualified for higher, do not want to overextend. They are wise in that regard.  We are seeing some houses sit a little longer and also more reductions in our list prices than we have seen in the past couple of years. 

I want to put my house on the market, but I'm not sure what needs to be done to get it show ready. How do I know what will give me more "bang for my buck" so to speak?

Very good question and kudos to you for wanting to be at your best when you hit the market!  You will do better with certain things like a thorough cleaning inside and out, maybe some new carpet, or fresh paint... so before we list, I will preview the property with you and we will discuss what I think needs doing and then match that with your budget to maximize the "bang for your buck".

As a Seller, should I do inspections prior to listing or should I wait and let the Buyer under contract do them and pay for them?

If you are able, it is always best to do any inspections before you list! If there is any chance there may be repairs needed, or a potential monetary consideration in lieu of repairs, better to know before you have committed to a sales price. And, it might make buyers more comfortable in making a higher offer if they know they won't have major post settlement repairs or replacements to do.

I am very qualified to purchase but I don't have a lot of cash for down payments, inspections etc., can I still purchase a home?

Absolutely. In the past few years with the competitive Buyers market, we haven't seen it as much, but it is definitely coming back.  VA loans are the best and if you are a Veteran (thank you for your service), that is a fabulous 100% loan (no down payment required) and you can ask the Seller for up to 6% help in closing costs!!  The next best is USDA which is also a 100% loan and 6% help, but it has higher fees  and there are other programs as well.  Make sure to have some cash on hand for some inspections though and for a good faith deposit. But you won't need much to actually pay a lesser monthly payment than rent now a days.

Is a home warranty a good thing to offer when I am listing my home for sale?

The answer is 'it depends' if your home has older components that are near the end of their life span but still working, it might be a good idea to offer it with the listing. However, if the buyer is going to switch out those old components as soon as they settle, then that money might not be worth coming out of negotiations right off the bat. Talk with your Realtor about the pros and cons and maybe letting it be known that you would do one with an acceptable offer.

Is it best to remain in the house for showings in case the Buyers or their Agent has any questions?

No, if possible, vacate the home for showings. Buyers want to have the ability to walk and talk freely and it is in your best interest to let them have that time to explore with their Realtor.  Also, sometimes the Sellers; in trying to be helpful with information, can say too much and scare off a Buyer.  So please leave and if they do have any questions, they can ask their Realtor to ask your Realtor.

I am not ready to sell yet but I know I will be in a year or two. Is it all right to go to Open Houses of similar homes or ones that are in my neighborhood to get familiar with the inventory and local Agents?

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  • Laurie Cannon is a consummate real estate agent who provided us with exceptional service. Her experience, professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, and communication skills were exemplary. We were extremely pleased with Laurie and recommend her as a valued realtor.

    Donna H.
    April 2022

  • It was a pleasure to work with Laurie Cannon. We recommend her every chance we get. Our sales experience could not have been better thanks to her.

    Glen and Martha M.
    March 2022

  • Laurie, was the best agent that I have worked with buying and selling! And I have worked with quite a few in my life!!!

    Ron L.
    February 2022

  • This was a particularly challenging sell for Laurie, not only were all the owners out of area, but there were 5 owners/sisters which presented some unique and difficult circumstances. Laurie remained professional and calm throughout the whole process, she provided both support and guidance.

    Beatrice S.

  • We loved Laurie Cannon. She is such a trustworthy, honest and nice person. She always came to show us the house with full information and knowledge about the property. Anytime if you would call, text or email her he is very quick to respond.

    Arti P.
    December 2021

  • Laurie thought of everything! All questions and concerns were dealt with immediately. She was proactive in finding out information and guiding us based on our interests. We felt like part of her family we were so well taken care of!"

    John and Suzanne M.
    December 2021

  • We came into the process very anxious as it was our first home sale. Laurie was so amazing. Always patient and proactive in communicating throughout the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great realtor.

    Jeff and Lisa D.
    November 2021

  • Laurie was great to work with, very professional and she did what she said she was going to do. She got the job done! We had an excellent experience."

    Don H.
    April 2021

  • Laurie was excellent and very easy to work with. We are very pleased with the entire experience.

    Nancy A.
    December 2020

  • Laurie was so helpful and informative throughout the selling process. She was always available and promptly answered any questions we had. She made selling our home feel so easy!" Laurie Cannon is an expert realtor on the Eastern Shore and has immense knowledge of the listings here.

    Yen D.
    December 2020

  • Laurie has always given us the most professional advice on all the properties that we had questions about. She is very knowledgeable of the area and the plus and minuses of each listing. We never were pressured to buy a particular house. She gave us the facts and allowed us to make our decision.

    Jeff and Lisa P.
    September 2020

  • Laurie has helped us buy and sell several homes over the past 20 years. She is professional, kind and works hard for her clients. She's the best!

    Steve and Heather H.
    February 2020

  • Laurie was really great and went above and beyond the call of duty. When my husband came here for a job interview in September, she showed me around Ocean Pines and Berlin. Then we had 3 days in November to find a house and she had made a plan whereby we'd look at houses in a logical succession and plan."

    Beth E.
    February 2020

  • Laurie did a fantastic job! Laurie was very professional in all her interaction with me. She took the time to make sure I understood every step of the process. I have never had a Realtor sit in the house with me during the three plus hour home inspection process.

    John W.
    September 2019

  • Laurie was a joy to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable about both the area and housing options. We feel very lucky to have found her and will forever be appreciative of her assistance in buying our new home.

    Mary H.

  • Laurie Cannon is the only one I have used in several transactions......

    Vera R.

  • Laurie was excellent to work with and kept me up to date on everything.

    Randy R.

  • Her experience, professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and communication skills were exemplary....

    Donna H.

  • Phil and Shirley P.

  • Laurie is amazing. She is thorough and attends to every detail.....

    Lori P.

  • Laurie Cannon is the best agent I've ever used.

    Philip and Shirley P.

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